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中秋节英语演讲稿带翻译——about mid autumn day

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  The Mid-Autumn Festival has all interesting history. Long ago in one of the dynasties of China there was a king who was very cruel to the people and did not manage the country well. The people were so angry that some brave ones suggested killing the king. So they wrote notes telling about the meeting place and time and put them into cakes. On the 15th day of the 8th lunar month every person was told to buy the cakes. When they ate them they discovered the notes. So they gathered together to make a sudden attack on the king. From then on the Chinese people celebrate on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month and eat "moon cakes" in memory of that important event.
  When the Mid-Autumn Festival is near, shop windows are beautifully decorated. Many "moon cakes" are displayed for people to buy. People send presents such aswine, fruits and "moon cakes" to their friends and relatives. In the evening of the day, they have a feast. After the feast, they go out to the garden to look at the moon. The children run and laugh on the streets.
  It is believed that the moon is at her brightest on this night. Many poems have been written about it, and poets are never tired of reading and writing such poems. In Chinese literature, the moon of the Mid Autumn Festival has been compared to a looking-glass, a jade rabbit, and so on. It seems that Chinese literature takes far more interest in the moon than in the sun.
  中秋节的所有有趣的历史。很久以前在一个时期的中国有一个国王谁是非常残忍的人,并没有管理的国家。这样的人感到愤怒,一些勇敢的建议杀害国王。所以,他们写笔记告诉这次会议的地点和时间,并把它们付诸蛋糕。在15日的第8次正月每个人被告知购买蛋糕。当他们吃,他们发现了说明。因此,他们聚集在一起进行突然袭击的国王。从那时起,人民庆祝第15天的第八届正月吃“月饼” ,以纪念这一重要事件。
  当中秋节的临近,商店橱窗的装饰,十分美观。许多“月饼”是显示人们去购买。发送人提出这样的aswine ,水果和“月饼” ,以他们的朋友和亲戚。在的那天晚上,他们有一个节日。宴席后,他们走出去的花园看月亮。儿童运行和笑的街道上。